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“We are not a financial institution. We are a passionate team of professionals, who want to share our amazing journey with others”



Ask yourself Why?

Inflation is at an all time high some say it costs you 25% a year more just to live. The centralized banking system charges you for every transaction and the Rand weakens yearly. We invest in Retirement annuities and other investments that dont keep track with inflation after you are taxed. 

Why Crypto currencies?

Crypto currencies give you the freedom to manage your own money with returns way above any financial institutions when traded correctly. Bitcoin was issued in 2008 at $2 Dollars and trades now Sept 2019 at $12000. With K-Merchant it now makes it possible to pay for goods using Bitcoin.  Bakkt has been launched allowing it to trade futures on Bitcoin confirming that it is now a commodity.


One on One training and set up

How we do it.

 We assist you in setting up your accounts to buy, store and trade Crypto currency. We hold training sessions on trading and introduce you to the top Cryptocurrency Gurus and their blog posts to help you better understand trading alternative coins to gain more Bitcoins.  We spend time with you one on one during the initial stages to assist you and answer all questions. We supply you with a beginners guide for reference and outline all important information with regard to protecting your investment and how to get started. 

The platforms we use

Python signals, Analyst in your pocket   Altcoin trader, Rand's to Bitcoin.

Nexus Wallet, safe keeping of your Bitcoins.

Binance, trading platform.


Python Signals

What is Python signals?


  1. Python Signals was established to provide educated advice on what is happening in the Crypto Currency Market on a regular basis.
  2. Prevent people from being scammed by many companies who have promised unrealistic returns by investing on these said platforms.
  3. We provide Signals before they happen and assist Crypto Investors in making educated choices in building their own portfolios.

  •  Safe and Easy Way to Get Involved with Crypto Currencies
  •  The Blueprint on how to accumulate at least 7 Bitcoin in TWO YEARS
  •  Identify when to buy low and sell high using our Python Signals

Learn More

Have you ever thought what it would be like to have your own Crypto Analyst available in your pocket?

Well it is possible and I can show you how.


Why Crypto currency and what is the block chain in simple terms!


Karatbars International

Who are Karatbars International ?


Karatbars International is a global e-commerce business operation in the mining and metals industry. The e-commerce company was launched by Harald Seiz in 2011 and specializes in selling gold bars. The company distributes these gold bars through affiliate marketing efforts.

The financially secure, debt-free, and fully self-funded company's headquarters are located in Stuttgart, Germany. The company has another office in Munich, Germany. Karatbars International has spread across 70 countries with plans to expand into over 194 countries worldwide. Karatbars claims it has a logical, affordable and universal solution to the world's debt and currency crisis through the purchase of its gold bars.

The facts

Karatcoin bank fully licensed in Miami ,FL, USA and Hong Kong

Established in 2011 with Headquarters in Stuttgart Germany with 550 000 affiliates world wide.

Mines in Guinea and Madagascar

400 tons of Gold in vaults.

KBC coin first gold backed cryptocurrency



Karatbars history


Invest in Gold

Why Gold?

Gold offers protection against inflation, gold is a stable investment in times of crises, the demand for gold is higher than the supply, you can actually barter or trade with it, financial advisors suggest you have at least 10% of your portfolio in gold, and gold bars are considered global cash. Therefore, gold is security for and your family!

When I take the cost of an ounce of gold and divide it by 32 (the number of grams in an ounce of gold), the result is a lot less than the actual price for a gram of gold.

Why would people buy gold by the gram if its more expensive?

 Because it is affordable to "the masses"! Many people just don't have $1300 or more to buy an ounce of gold, but they understand the value of having gold. So they've wisely decided to purchase an amount they can afford - smaller amounts, but more often! Many have stated they are "building wealth with gold, one gram at a time. 

Karatbars Products

K1 Phone worlds first Block chain phone


 The all new IMpulse K1 smartphone is the very first smartphone that uses the voice over blockchain protocol. .

Accept Bitcoin as payment by downloading the app.


 K-Merchant is a implementable payment application which offers every point of sale (POS) online as well as physical shops to accept the major cryptocurrencies 

Whim Worlds first Block chain laptop.


 The Worlds First Fully Secure Laptop Using Voice Over Blockchain Protocol. 

Invest in Gold from 0.01 Grams


Invest in gold from 0.01 grams and have the choice of ahving it delivered to you or keep it with Karatbars international.

Cash in your Karatbar coins for Gold.



Our ATM offers 3 main features:

- You can withdraw your Cashgold from your Karatbit account.- You can change your KBC in gold. 100KBC = 1 gram of gold

- You can buy cashgold directly with BTC or ETH.

Join the affiliate program, become on of the team, sell products and earn unlimited annuity income


Join our team ,earn unlimited annuity income and sell the karatbars products for further earning potential. 

Our team

John Lombela


 Entrepreneur. Speaker. Blockchain Financial Analyst 

Conrad Kullmann


Entrepreneur and passionate cryptocurrency investor. Sales   

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